Depth Adjustable Safety Lancet(Flex3)

Simple & Human-Based Design

Contact activated design, lancet activates in 1 step

Adjustable design provides three different penetration depths within a single device.


User Comfort

Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip.

Easier to hold during the puncture.

Minimizing slippage that may occur during product activation.


Activated on Contact

Activates only when it is positioned and pressed against the skin.

Facilitates a consistent puncture depth for easier sampling.

Minimizes the possibility of device activation when not in contact with the skin.



One-step activation promotes safety with fast, precise, and consistent punctures.

Design prevents product from being reused, reducing the possibility of patient,

clinician, and/or sample contamination.

Automatic retraction of lancet into device avoids the possibility of injury.



Different needle sizes for different skin types and applications for each capillary test.


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