Asurity Protected Blade System(Asurity Safety Protected Blade System New)

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Background of the Product

World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC estimates that approximately 40% of operations in the developing world are administered with reused, unsterile medical devices. In 2000 alone, WHO estimates that 260,000 new HIV/AIDS infections, 2 million new Hepatitis C infections and 21 million new Hepatitis B infections resulted from improper use of medical devices.A Solution: As a result of the leadership of International agencies such as WHO, UNICEF, GAVI and USAID, and the work of all manufacturers of safe, disposable medical devices with specific technologies that prevent reuse have been developed and are already in use in developing countries.


Product Features

Designed with a similar feel as conventional products, while using the same stainless steel blade.

Helps provide protection from injuries before use, during steps of a procedure,or after use.

Features a locking retractable shield that boasts easy one-handed activation.

Protection blades are quick and easy load and unload.

Reusable handles available for all blade sizes.


Ordering Information

Safety Protected Metal Handle



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